in Russia

Whether you’re drawn for its tempestuous past or strong cultural legacy, Moscow does not fail to boggle your mind. Any visit to Moscow is a perplexing trip back into time.

Once a modest trading post set up by eastern Slav tribes who migrated eastward from Kyiv, Moscow quickly blossomed into a serious political and economic figure on the world stage. From the reign of the Mongols, hardship of Ivan the Terrible and, of course, the brutalist movements of Stalin and the Soviet State, the city has undergone countless regime changes. The ghost of Moscow’s turbulent political past still lingers and the thriving metropolis makes for a fascinating visit.

Exploring the complicated history of the former Soviet era can be done at ubiquitous remnants across the city. The Kremlin and Red Square are two of the most important monuments that lie not only at the heart of Moscow but all of Russia. Between awe-inspiring ballet performances at the Bolshoi Theatre to spectacular concerts at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, you can also get your fix of world-class performing arts and entertainment.

After the harsh winter has finally gone, the spring is a wonderful time of year to visit Moscow where the flowers are blossoming and the promise of summer is present. Russia in general is a place where formalities are much stricter than most parts of the Western world. Little things such as resting your wrists on the tables edge with the fork in the left hand and knife in the right can make a big difference, so prepare yourself before going.